SOME WINDY TREES (last copies) (V.D.)

30 EUR
Photographs by Vincent Delbrouck
Layout by V.D. and Philippe Koeune (Valley the Valley)
WILDERNESS self-publishing project (Belgium)
November 2013 
24 x 32 cm (9,4 x 12,6“) 
40 pages (10 color illustrations), offset
ISBN 978-2-9601337-1-4 
First edition of 500 copies 
(with unique back cover hand titled, signed and numbered by V.D. with his red marker!) 

This book is PART 2 of The Himalayan Project , a collection of artist's books designed by V.D. as different installations, embracing the city of Kathmandu where he lived with his family and the nature of the Himalayas with a strong and dreamy empathy. SOME WINDY TREES is a very contemplative and "musical" book sharing the strange beauty of trees in a place where the man feels at home with notes of silence in between. 

(Some rare copies are coming with a red scribble inside, depending on the wind.)